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For Physicians, by Physicians

Attend is the financial independence platform you knew you needed but didn't exist until now.

Digital Solution

Meets Medicine

Finally, a digital solution that equips physicians with what they need to optimize wealth, minimize stress and safeguard their financial future.

Grow Your Wealth

Use our platform to make smarter investment decisions that pave the way for financial independence without compromising your values. Attend helps physicians take advantage of their unique career trajectory for tax-smart investing.

Shrink your debt

Managing medical school loans is key to a successful, less stressful financial future. Our debt diagnosis solution will help reduce your monthly payments, lower your interest rate or secure loan forgiveness. IDR? PSLF? Alphabet soup? We've got them covered.

Protect your career

Insurance is critical for any physician, but all too many physicians know the awkward, antiquated process of getting the right insurance. Our marketplace is where you'll find the tailored policies you need - without the discomfort.

Learn your way

Climb the financial learning curve faster with actionable, trustworthy information that's designed to help you get a handle on the unique arc of your financial life. Learn directly from other physicians who have been in your shoes and from vetted financial experts who know the ins and outs of money.

Diagnosis: Advisus Genericus

The weird, wild journey of a physician's financial life - from working for next to nothing as a resident to making up for what feels like lost time as an attending - means doctors need a specialized solution. Attend was created as a collaboration between physicians and technologists who understand the unique financial challenges of growing wealth while managing debt and dealing with loads of generic advice with no time to navigate it all.

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