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It's Time To Address The Elephant In The Waiting Room

The widely accepted stigma around money in the medical community can make it feel impossible to take care of both your patients and yourself. Attend is here to change that.

Not In It For
The Money. Our Point Exactly.

Burdensome medical school debt, a delayed career start, and years of long, unpredictable hours to build toward a "real" salary... to most people, it makes no sense. But that's why they're not doctors and you are.

Do (Yourself) No Harm.

When physicians don't feel comfortable talking about money, their financial future can falter — and with it their love of medicine. That's why we've created a platform where any physician can go to tend to their financial lives, without worrying about being late to the game or judged for caring about money.

Financial Independence

Go Beyond Financial Wellness

We're on a mission to help physicians unlock the life-changing possibilities of true financial independence. Instead of just getting by, we believe physicians deserve to experience both the financial and emotional rewards of their noble profession, during their career and beyond.

Independence from debt

Medical school debt is one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome. An actionable plan to right-size your debt over time can be the difference between loving or regretting a career in medicine.

Freedom to pursue your purpose

You're not in it for the money, but money can make it possible to pursue your personal mission that deepens your relationship with your professional and non-professional purpose.

Be the doctor you want to be

Without the heavy burden of financial stress about your future weighing you down, you're more able to focus on the here and the now and be present for your patients.

Doctors Are Our Speciality

Our team is a powerful blend of medical, finance and technology professionals. At Attend, we're focused on creating the most impactful solution possible that empowers physicians to live their purpose.

Lisa Di Jorio
Acting CTO
Annaëlle Duff
Engineering Manager
Brenton Fargnoli, MD, MBA
Will Flanary, MD
David Flynn, MD, MBA
Curt Ginder, MD, MBA
Cadel Jones
Software Engineer
Justin Lambert
Kevin Ryan
Co-Founder and Chairman
Andrew Sabene
Alex Savard
Software Engineer
Tina Shah, MD, MPH
Altelisha "Lisha" Taylor, MD, MPH
Jimmy Turner, MD
Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer
Nick Vallee
Software Engineer
Aria Woodley
Co-founder & CEO
Chelsea Zlotnick
Director of Product

We're Hiring

Attend is more than a platform. It's a movement to lift the stigma surrounding money and relieve the financial stress that can lead to burnout. Interested in joining our team?

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