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Take Care Of You

Experience the financial freedom that all doctors deserve.

We don’t shy away from money talk.

Financial wellness can be the difference between loving or regretting a career in medicine, yet it’s not included in a doctor’s training. Meanwhile, misconceptions about a physician’s wealth and income make it difficult to have personal finance conversations after medical school and residency, too.

The stigma of talking about money as a doctor comes at a heavy cost. Burnout in the medical field is at an all-time high, and while there are many contributing factors, it’s undeniable that financial stress plays a big part. Some of us have even experienced it firsthand, as physicians ourselves.

When we shy away from money talk, a doctor’s love of medicine can falter all too quickly. Attend is here to change that.

Our Misson Goes Beyond Money

There’s a reason we’re having open, transparent conversations about finances, and it’s bigger than helping physicians reduce their debt. Our end goal isn’t financial wellness — it’s the stability and fulfillment that financial wellness makes possible, and that every doctor deserves.


Average student loan debt for graduating medical students in 2022


Percentage of doctors who would choose to go into medicine again after the pandemic


doctors are experiencing at least one symptom of burnout

Take Care of You

Experience the financial freedom that all doctors deserve.

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Will Flanary, MD


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