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Disability insurance for doctors, by doctors

Navigating the world of disability insurance is confusing and time-consuming. That’s why our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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How we're different

When I was a 4th year med student, I was talked into applying for disability insurance, which led to the largest financial mistake of my life… (and I don’t want you to make it, too!) 

This framework (and story) is why I teach doctors about personal finance…

After our first kid, I wanted life insurance. Instead, the agent talked me into disability (makes them more money it turns out). The problem? Independent disability insurance requires a medical history. My history included an essential tremor and a remote ADHD diagnosis. 

So, when my agent pushed my application through, I got denied. No big deal right?


When you get to training most programs have a GSI (guaranteed standard issue) insurance policy. A GSI requires no medical exam, history taking, or bloodwork.


The only stipulation, though, is that you cannot have been denied before.… oops. To this day, I cannot get disability insurance and if I lost my income, my family would be in a financial catastrophe. 

I don’t want what happened to me to happen to others. Doctors deserve better. That’s why we created Attend – to provide doctors with financial solutions that you can trust.

Dr. Jimmy Turner
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Protect your future earnings with guidance you can trust.

Our physician-vetted insurance providers include:

Disability insurance made simple.

We do the legwork to save you valuable time and energy when applying for disability insurance.

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How can Attend help me with disability insurance?
Why should I trust Attend?
Does Attend charge a fee?
Is Attend an independent agent?
Which carriers are available through Attend?
Are the policies that Attend offers “true own-occupation,” “guaranteed-renewable,” and “non-cancellable”?
Does Attend offer Individual Disability Insurance policies or Group Disability Insurance policies?
Can you help physicians find Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) policies?
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If I already have a disability insurance policy, can you help me increase the benefit amount?
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