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Attending to your financial life

Meet the modern finance platform created for physicians, by physicians.

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Physician-approved expert advice that you can trust

We provide you with the guidance and tools you need to protect your career, shrink your debt, and grow your wealth. Your path to financial independence is here.

Protect your future earnings
Manage your debt
Grow your wealth

Attending to Your Financial Life

Physicians shouldn't have to choose between meaning and money — you deserve both. Attend gives you the power to easily manage your finances anytime, anywhere no sacrifice necessary.

The Attend app is

Personalized for you
Easy to use
Built by physicians
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We’ve got you covered

Don’t know where to get started? You're not alone. Attend meets you where you are and provides you with the personalized solutions that you need for wherever you are on your career journey.

Attending Physicians

You can do more than just make up for lost time


The time to protect your
career is now

Med Students

The earlier you tend to your finances the better

Medical Students

Get ahead of the game.

Residents & Fellows

Protect your career and plan for the future.

Attending Physicians

Feel confident about your financial decisions.

Knowledge is the Best Medicine

Feel late to the game of financial education? You're not alone. Attend breaks it down, makes it easy and gives you confidence that your financial future is in good hands — yours.

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