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Practice Medicine On Your Terms

An all-in-one financial solution specifically built for the unique journey of a physician

Financial Wellness at Every Stage

Attend helps you stay financially healthy throughout your career, with expert advice and tools tailored to the unique needs of students, residents, and attendings. Download our app for the most convenient way to manage your finances.

Attending to your Financial Life

Everyone’s journey is unique, we help you maximize yours.

Ava, 26
Med Student

What steps should I take now to graduate with the best financial circumstances possible?
Learn about the options for student loan payoff
Keep track of my spendings, debt and loans
Andres, 38

What should I focus on at this stage of my training?
Find out if PSLF is right for you
Set up Disability Insurance
Start emergency fund
Deanna, 34

What is the most effective way to use my increased salary?
Maximize your pre-tax accounts
Increase your disability insurance coverage
Optimize taxable investing accounts

For Physicians, by Physicians

True financial independence is both career-changing and life-changing, and every doctor deserves to experience it. As physicians ourselves, we know what it takes to get there.

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Get Your Own Action Plan

Each financial journey is unique. Our personalized checklists help you focus on your most impactful steps.

Clear action items take the mystery out of personal finance, providing a starting point and step-by-step roadmap for making your ideal future a reality.
Manage your finances as efficiently as possible by knowing what to prioritize.
Our financial checklists are tailored to your goals and career stage.

Protect Your Ability to Earn

Exploring disability insurance options is one of the most important parts of a physician’s financial journey — and one of the most complex. We’ll make sure you get it right.

Find a customizable policy that can be tailored to your needs and financial circumstances.
Attend takes the research off your plate by providing quotes from top insurance carriers.
Our in-house insurance agents explain your options in 1:1 consultations so that you understand the fine print.
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Build a Debt-Free Future

Smart debt management is key to reaching financial independence. With Attend, it’s easier and more convenient than ever.

Consolidate all your student loan management needs into one single location.
In-app resources help you manage your loans more efficiently, from reducing monthly payments to lowering your interest rate and more.
Need more guidance? Schedule a consultation with a student loan expert with experience supporting doctors.
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